The Point of This is

Hi there,

My name is Becca Marriner and I spend too much time in my room. Instead of binge-watching TV, I thought I had better be productive and put my unique talent for rambling to good use.

So I made a blog.

This is at least the third time in my life where I have tried blogging and I’m hoping for my own sake that this attempt is successful. At least that way I’ll have a little outlet for all my thoughts rather than keeping them floating around in my head.

The need for a hobby isn’t the only reason I started a blog. I used to be really into photography but now it seems my camera only comes out on holidays, which is a bit of a shame. I want to take photos of the city around me and post them on here as well as on Instagram. Plus, having a place on the web to share everything just seems nice, even if nobody knows it exists.

I’m originally from Aberdeen but currently study Music Technology at the University of Edinburgh, which is a much cooler place to live. I play the cello and have so for ten years (which is a scary thought) but don’t practice as much as I should, especially as a music student. I’m in love with Paris, cacti and milkshakes, the more over the top, the better. My slight obsession with social media, specifically Pinterest (I have a board for almost everything) is a bit worrying but something I’m trying to control. You’ll hopefully learn more about me as we go on but I thought the basics would do for now.

2018 is hopefully going to be the start of the life that I want with less worrying, more creativity and just all-round better vibes. Welcome to my little world, I hope you’ll stay for a while.



Featured photo by Abbie Strachan (Instagram: @abbiestrachan13)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. David says:

    Check out this guys photos. He was a Ninja of Street Photography around Edinburgh


  2. abbiestrachandesign says:

    YAY you started a blog.. if this means w have to go to more cute cafes I’m very happy


  3. Abbie Demain says:



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