My New Look

“Well cut my bangs and call me Bob,” is how I captioned my photo on Instagram, debuting my new look, much to my friend’s dismay.

Up until I was around eight years old I had chin-length hair and a fringe, only emphasising those oh-so-round cheeks. And now, nearly ten years on, I am back with the same style only with a few more layers and what I hope is a slimmer face. Before I got the chop, I had a side fringe which was long, limp and tickled the bridge of my nose when it wasn’t sitting right. My goodness, I hated it. So, after a month of pinning ideas online and getting more annoyed at my hair, I was back in Edinburgh and booking a hair appointment within my first week back.


Small and round-faced


Me, Chewbacca and my horrible fringe


It’s so nice having shorter hair. It’s a lot quicker to wash and dry (which is great because I hate getting out of bed in the morning) and a lot lighter than the mess I had beforehand. Besides, it’s a lot easier to straighten (the real lifesaver) as my hair has a tendency to stick out in all directions. I was scared I would end up looking like my younger self but fortunately, I like to think I look more my age and less like a 12-year-old.

The closer I got to getting my nose pierced, the more nervous I was. Two of my best friends, Abbie and Lisa, came with me to hold my hand if needed but the room was too small and I went in alone. I’m not sure if I was scared of being in pain or something else but I was definitely apprehensive as I sat down. The lady was so lovely though and I was in and out within 20 minutes. I went to ‘Tribal Body Art’ on the Royal Mile and would highly recommend it to anyone, the staff are great and make you feel so relaxed. Didn’t hurt as much as I thought it was going to. thankfully, and now I want to get my helix pierced…


“A new attitude with a new look,” is what I kept thinking to myself. Towards the end of 2017, I was hating a lot of different things about myself, which is never a good mindset to be in. Slowly I’m making small changes in my life to help me alter the way I look at myself but I’m guessing I’ll talk more about those as my blog goes on.



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