Maison de Moggy

A ‘Cat Café’ is such a fabulous concept. Cake, friends and furry animals; it’s the perfect stress reliever after a long week.

Maison de Moggy is located at 17-19 West Port, Edinburgh (just off Grassmarket) and is Scotland’s first ever cat café. It is very popular so it’s best to book a slot on their website. If you’re a student, like me, keep an eye on their social media for discounted student drop-in sessions. (Shoutout to my friend Sarah who discovered this for our group.)

The place just looks amazing. I’m all for aesthetically pleasing cafes so the fact that it looks so pretty and fun for the cats is magical to me. There are tables and chairs for you to sit at yet these are sometimes occupied by cats but it’s utterly adorable so who really minds?

You are not obligated to buy anything to eat or drink but their cakes are utterly delicious so I would recommend it. I didn’t buy anything to eat there as it was close to dinner time but I got a muffin to take away which I ate for dessert. I chose a chocolate, ginger and pear muffin which was so yummy and had lots of icing, the best way to do it. But more importantly, the cats.

They. Were. So. Adorable.

I wanted to cry at how soft they were. My favourite was Sebastian, the chubby-cheeked, ginger, British Short Hair cat. I related to him on an appearance level and he always appeared when any food came out, which I am known to do. I was also a huge fan of Guillaume, the Chinchilla Persian who reminded me a bit of Snowy from Stuart Little.


I interacted with some cats more than others. Coco, the jet black British Short Hair and Jaques the Norwegian Forest Cat spent all their time snoozing (which I would have done too). Pauline hung out with us for a bit before climbing up to the bridge which went across the room and glared at us for the rest of the evening, charming.




You’re not allowed to bring in your own toys for the cats though there are many in the cafe available to use. The cats may hide in the tunnel or out of reach on the climbing frame but it’s laid out so nicely that you will never be far from a furry friend. There is also a mini shop if you would like anything to remember your favourite cat by. I didn’t buy anything but I did pick up a loyalty card as I know I will be going back many times. The staff were all lovely and helped to create the relaxed atmosphere for cats and humans alike.



I’m trying to find a balance between writing about my experience and letting you have your own so I’ll probably leave it here. For more information on the cats, booking and house rules see their website and social media, all of which I’ll leave below.

Go, have fun, play with cats and eat cake, it truly is a wonderful time.



Maison de Moggy website:

Maison de Moggy Facebook page:

Maison de Moggy Instagram:

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