Coffee in Edinburgh: Lovecrumbs

My friends and I are starting to make a habit of finding cute cafés in Edinburgh and going there for hot drinks and cake. It’s definitely a much better habit than biting my nails.

Last week we went to Lovecrumbs which had been on our list for a long time.  Fairy lights around a window seat? My aesthetic is screaming. Lovecrumbs is found on West Port, just along from Maison de Moggy, but they recently opened in Stockbridge too.


I was there earlier than my friends so I managed to nab the window seat and awkwardly wait around until they arrived. That’s when a lady approached me and asked if she could take pictures of me for an article she was writing on Edinburgh. I said yes, feeling very flattered that she actually wanted to photograph me, it did a nice thing for my low self-esteem. The article will be probably be posted in April but I’ll probably blog about it when it’s published.

My friends, Abbie and Lisa

When my friends arrived we ordered at the counter. My goodness, the selection of cakes was mouthwatering, it took me a solid ten minutes to decide what to have. I opted for the ‘Vicky with Rose.’ I’m all for a good Victoria Sponge but adding the rose made me feel fancy and I had never tried it before. It also meant that I could have a hot chocolate without having to worry about feeling sick afterwards due to a chocolate overload.

So much cake! There’s plenty to choose from even if you have dietary requirements

Not gonna lie, we spent a few moments taking pictures of our food before digging in, gotta do it for the ‘gram. The cake was so good. I’m not sure if I’m a huge fan of floral cakes after trying mine. I didn’t like it but I didn’t dislike it, I just think I’d prefer chocolate or strawberry.


If there’s anything I love more than fairy lights, it’s a neon sign. Lovecrumbs has both, what a dream. Like Maison de Moggy, where I was last Friday (see my last blog post) they have some merchandise for you to purchase some based on this lil slogan.

Nice Times

There are hoodies, cards, pencils, etc which are so cute and would make perfect gifts for yourself or somebody else. Check out the ‘Outpost’ section of their website for more information.

I really want to go back especially to try one of their delicious looking brownies. It’s such a lovely place to hang out with your friends, catch up, drink coffee and watch the world go by. If you’re in Edinburgh and looking for a café, I’d recommend it ten times over.

Social Media below

Lovecrumbs website:

Lovecrumbs Facebook Page: @lovecrumbsedinburgh

Lovecrumbs Instagram: @hellolovecrumbs

Carrie Solomon (Edinburgh Article) Instagram: @carrie_in_paris

All photos were taken by Abbie Strachan. Her Instagram: @abbiestrachan13

Lisa Berryman (my friend) Instagram: @lisab_xo

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  1. Ana says:

    I love redhaired people, you have your own beauty that make you so special 🙂


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