My Weekend in Glasgow

Last weekend I spent my time in Glasgow. Even though I was technically there for less than 24 hours I’m going to call it a weekend as it sounds better for a blog post.

As my bus pulled into Buchanan Bus Station I was slightly overwhelmed by the size of it. Back home, Aberdeen Bus Station has around 15 stances, whilst here in Glasgow, there were over 50.

My original plan was to go to the Gallery of Modern Art before meeting my friend but my plans changed and I went to visit my friend from school, Amanda, who is now studying at the University of Strathclyde. I hadn’t seen her in months and it was so lovely to catch up and have a natter about everything that had happened since we moved to different cities. I left her to study at around half past 4 and headed to the centre. The GOMA closes at 5pm which is why I ended up shopping instead of being cultural.


City of Glasgow College, next door to the University of Strathclyde


Coming to Glasgow I decided to wear my new tartan trousers. I had always thought they were really cool and I managed to find a pair that fit me well and weren’t horrendously expensive. It took some convincing by my friends to wear them that day but on the bus, I decided I was happy with my choice.

This changed when I was walking through George Square in the late afternoon Sure, tartan trousers are pretty cool but I now think that they may only be cool if you don’t wear them in Scotland. This specifically applies to Glasgow and Edinburgh where tartan is in every single tourist shop that blares bagpipes.

Nonetheless, I wandered on to Buchanan Street when it started to chuck it with rain. I’m so glad I brought my camera to Glasgow as I had zero opportunity to use it. I spent some time in New Look as I had a voucher to spend and bought a cosy, pink jumper in the sale (which I’m wearing as I write this).

For those of you who love H&M, I highly suggest you visit their store in Glasgow. It’s gigantic. To be honest, I think the lights inside is my favourite my thing about the place. The way that they are hung over the escalators creates a shape that is sculpture-like and just looks so pretty. I also love the homeware section, especially with the amount of greenery based things that were in stock though, thankfully, I refrained from buying anything.


A small glimpse into the giant H&M store


I also popped into the Lego Shop to kill some time as my brother’s birthday is in a couple of months and I like to get ahead in present ides. The only problem is that I wanted to buy a lot of things as a present to myself, which isn’t a good thing when you’re trying to save money.

Just after six o’ clock, I went to Glasgow Queen Street Station to meet my boyfriend Dan and our friend Kayla. I hadn’t seen Dan in a month and I was really nervous, like how you get before a first date. I don’t know why I feel like that sometimes, especially since Dan and I have been together for over a year. Though seeing him again just lifted my whole mood. The three of us checked into our hotel room and parted ways. The two of them were headed to the Barrowlands Ballroom to see The Front Bottoms whilst I went to meet my friend Chloe for dinner.

When I visit Chloe in Glasgow she picks out the place for us to eat and when she comes to Edinburgh I do the same for her. In November last year, we went to Paesano which was had incredible pizzas so there was a high standard to live up to. This time she picked out Bread Meats Bread. It isn’t a restaurant just in Glasgow as I know there is also one in Edinburgh but this was my first time being in either.

It was really busy but we decided to wait the 20 minutes it would take to get a table as it would get us inside and out of the rain. When we were seated I managed to accidentally swipe the salt and pepper off the neighbouring table with my bag so I was off to a great start.

I loved the place. The decor involved a giant cow cut out of wood on the wall, surrounded by neon lights. If you looked at the ends of the benches there were little scenes set up inside involving toy cows. I had a chicken, cheese and bacon burger which seems to now be the usual whenever I go to a burger restaurant, along with a chocolate milkshake. The food was delicious and the staff were really nice. When I embarrassed myself because I had knocked over the same salt and pepper as we were leaving.

Chloe and I met on Twitter a few years ago over our love for 5 Seconds of Summer. It was quite funny to chat about how we used to act online when we fangirled over the Australian band. We left Bread Meats Bread probably around 9pm but we were nowhere near finished talking. As I wasn’t old enough to get into a bar and coffee shops weren’t open we chilled at the hotel chatting for hours, which is honestly much better than any crowded pub.

When Dan and Kayla came back from the concert I went down to sit with them in the hotel bar for a little bit. I was dedicated enough to change out of my pyjamas but not enough to put shoes on, classy as always.

The plan was to go for brunch the next day before Dan and I got the bus back to Edinburgh and Kayla went to Dundee. I had found two places near our hotel that seemed really cute and had what looked to be great food. I found out that morning when getting directions on my phone that they were closed at that moment. I didn’t plan ahead enough it seems. In the end, it was a Pret a Manger hot chocolate and croissant that won. I was thankful that the rain had stopped overnight as well because it meant that I could wear my sunglasses without looking particularly stupid like I had in my tartan trousers.

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  1. Abbie Demain says:

    That milkshake looks amazing 😍


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