18th Birthday Celebrations

My birthday was on Tuesday the 13th of February and as the baby of my friendship group, I was the last to turn 18. The weekend I just spent in Glasgow wasn’t technically part of the celebrations but put me in the sort of giddily excited mood for the week to follow.

The Sunday night was probably when I did start celebrating my birthday. Abbie and Lisa came round armed with 12 rainbow doughnuts and a 20 serving Rainbow Cake; I probably drooled a little. We ordered in Domino’s and stuffed our faces silly. As they wouldn’t be able to properly celebrate with me on the day we took photos early before I changed and we went out to the Lumen festival in Edinburgh. Admittedly some parts were better than others but I’ll write about it separately because I want to go back and take photos when my hands aren’t frozen solid.

The gals and I


Dan and I


On Monday, the day before my birthday, Dan took me out for an early birthday meal to BRGR on South Bridge because I love their milkshakes. It was also close to the Liquid Room where we were going to see a concert. When we were eating Abbie sent me a screenshot of an announcement about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visiting Edinburgh on my birthday, I decided we were going as it was such a perfect opportunity and since it was my day, Dan couldn’t complain. We saw the Marmozets after our meal, who were incredible but as the tickets were a Christmas present, I won’t go into too much detail on a post about my birthday.

When we were back at my flat I had an email from Steam letting me know that the Sims was on sale. I bought it immediately, at 85% off, how could I refuse? Dan made us hot chocolates topped with whipped cream (he’s a great boyfriend) and we reminisced about InTheLittleWood YouTube videos as the Sims installed on my laptop.

The clock turned midnight, happy birthday to me and then it was time to create my Sim. It was definitely the best and most mature way to start off any 18th birthday. It took us over an hour but we also created the most adorable dog called Sebastian who I really wish was real so I could cuddle him.

I’ve waited a long time for my birthday and Pancake day to coincide, I was so excited. The day before Dan and I had gone shopping for pancake necessities so we could have a delicious spread for breakfast. During our pancake feast, I opened the cards and presents which I had received. I cried at a few of them, not going to lie, especially as it’s my first birthday that I haven’t celebrated with my Mum, Dad and brother. It was a bit of a rush after that because I wanted to leave early to get good spots to see the royal couple.

I’m not a royal family fanatic in the slightest but I’ve always loved Prince Harry since I was small so I’m a lot more excited for his wedding than I ever was for William and Kate’s. We were standing just up from Camera Obscura but not on the castle esplanade. I knew I wouldn’t meet them in person but this way it meant that we could get up close to the barriers rather than being four rows back where I couldn’t see.

I can now say I have been five feet away from Prince Harry which is a bit surreal and unintentionally sounds a bit creepy. Their car drove past us and I was pushed rather violently but some tourists trying to get a photo, who received a prominent glare. Dan and I hung around for a bit as we watched Harry and Meghan walk up to the castle meeting people but we were getting cold so we left to look for somewhere for lunch.

We went to The Cockburn Cafe Bistro for what turned out to be a second breakfast. I had a bacon buttie and Dan had a cooked breakfast. Our water came in copper mugs and I’m in love with them. The entire place was adorable; it had a rustic theme and there were fairy lights all over the handrail and balcony. I’ll definitely go back, especially since they do all day breakfast, an instant winner in my eyes.

There were a few shops on Cockburn Street that I wanted to go to including Pie in the Sky, I was particularly drawn by the sequin jacket that was on display in the window. I could have easily spent so much money inside, on stickers, earrings, patches or clothes. I only bought some stickers for my cello case to add to my increasing collection. We wandered around a few more stores before heading home to book an Airbnb before Abbie came over for a little bit to have cake.

The cake really was a thing of beauty. I’m a huge sprinkle fan and there were so many, half of which are probably scattered all over my kitchen floor. The rainbow layers inside were so pretty too; definitely a cake made to be photographed and then devoured. We chatted for a while before Abbie headed home to work on her folio and Dan and I had our tea before his train back to Aberdeen.

Despite the fact that it’s going to be less than a week until I see Dan again, I had a bit of a meltdown. I’m not proud of how much I cried, I’m also not entirely sure why. I looked like a complete mess so that, combined with feeling sick my plans changed and I didn’t go to orchestra as I had intended. Instead I stayed at home writing for my blog.

The first thing I did on my 18th birthday was play the Sims. The last thing I did was watch Monte Carlo on Netflix which I first saw when I was 11 and probably more of an age that the film was aimed at.

I had such an amazing birthday and I’m kind of glad that it’s not quite over yet. I’m having a small party with my friends from my course on Saturday and I’ll be going back to Aberdeen on Monday to see my family and celebrate with them.

I truly am, the luckiest girl in the world.

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