I think it was four or five years ago when I first heard a song by Marmozets on Kerrang! TV.  I wasn’t a huge fan of ‘Move, Shake, Hide’ at the start but I’ve grown to love the energy of the song and the others that they have released.

Marmozets are a rock band from Yorkshire in England and consists of two sets of siblings. They formed over ten years ago in 2007 and have released two albums since, their first in September 2014 called ‘The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets’ and the second earlier this year in January. They were originally called ‘The Marmozets’ but dropped the ‘The’ to just become Marmozets.

The song that really captured my attention was ‘Captivate You,’ which I feel is a really appropriate title considering it sparked my love of the band. If you’re not a huge rock fan I’d recommend you listen to this one first as an introduction to them. The soft intro is built into something bigger before the vocals come in but keeps its fairly relaxed feel throughout the first verse using guitars to recreate the vocal line. The emotion in the chorus is my favourite part, the yearning is heard all through the song even when words are not being sung. It’s such a powerful thing to hear so when I recently saw it performed live I almost cried it was that good.

After that I started to pay more attention when their songs came on Kerrang! TV or radio which is how I began to love ‘Move, Shake, Hide’ and other songs such as ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ And as a moody teenager who thinks the world was against her, the latter was certainly a great one for me.

I received their debut album as a present for Christmas or my birthday, I don’t remember which but that’s when I expanded my knowledge or their songs. ‘Cry’ has the same raw emotion as ‘Captivate You’ but has lots of varying energy levels as it begins with a piano solo but escalates to a faster rhythm later on created by the whole band.

As I live in Edinburgh now instead of Aberdeen there are a lot more concerts that I can go to without forking out a fortune for accommodation and transport. When I realised this I began browsing on the ‘Gigs in Scotland’ website more often which is where I found out that Marmozets were going to be at The Liquid Room in Edinburgh the day before my birthday. It excited me a lot but I didn’t get my hopes up as nobody I know like Marmozets or anything fairly similar so as I do with everything, I tweeted about it. Though my lovely boyfriend, who wasn’t supposed to get me anything for Christmas, bought us tickets. He really is too good for me.

This blog post was originally just going to be about the concert but I really didn’t like my ’18th Birthday Celebrations’ blog post as it was just me saying, “I did this, I did that,” and it was really boring. My apologies about that, I’m still trying to find my feet in the blogging world. Also, as a music student, I feel like I should actually write about music as I have some actual knowledge in it, not a lot but some.

As their new album, ‘Knowing What You Know Now,’ was released just over two weeks before the concert I basically listened to it non-stop, it’s incredible. I love it just as much as their debut album, it not more so I was really excited to hear them play their new songs as well as their old ones. As I still have some worries about concerts I really wanted to stand away from the main crowd, especially the mosh pit which looks like a terrifying experience, especially when you’re as small and as easily intimidated as I am.

At The Liquid Room, where the concert was held, there was a balcony which was open for concert-goers to watch the show from. Half of it was sectioned off so that the support act could relax after performing. Dan (my boyfriend) and I made our way up there before the concert started to get away from the crowd and it provided the perfect view of the stage.

The support act was called Queen Zee and they were really good. Not my kind of music anymore admittedly as it was a bit heavy for my current taste but they were all incredibly talented musicians. They had a song that they wrote about the Orlando shooting and took a moment before performing it to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. They spoke about how they had been given this platform on the Marmozets tour and wanted to use it in the best way possible which I thought was a really great thing.


Queen Zee


After they had performed it took a while for Marmozets to appear due to the long time it took to tidy up Queen Zee’s set and set the stage for them. Totally worth the wait though, it was such a great concert. They played some of my favourites which I have mentioned earlier in this post and created a really upbeat atmosphere throughout the whole gig.




From where we were standing we had a great view of the mosh pit, if having a view of a mosh pit is particularly great. Dancing, in all forms and even head-banging I understand, especially at a concert it’s great to let loose and sing your heart out though I will never understand a mosh pit. Pushing each other, probably getting covered in bruises or just running around crashing into people seems like the opposite of fun to me. I’m not judging in anyway if others do it, it’s completely their decision but definitely not one that I would make.

I had lost my voice to barely a raspy breath by the time we left the concert. I had sang along and cheered so much that I could barely say anything to our UBER driver. The more I go to concerts now the more I enjoy them. There was just something about letting go, dancing badly and screaming at the top of my lungs that was invigorating. Seeing the band on stage enjoying themselves, interacting with the audience by encouraging us to sing along that just made for a really great night.

I’ve still listened to at least one Marmozets song everyday since the concert and if they’re back in Scotland again, I am 100% sure that I will be queuing to buy tickets as soon as they’re available.

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