Taste of Italy

This is just a little blog post about the restaurant that Dan and I went to on Saturday. I would have written it entirely about the chips that we ate but a fuller review of ‘Taste of Italy’ is more interesting.

For those of you who don’t know, the majority of the UK has been covered in snow over the last week due to The Beast from the East and Storm Emma. The country basically shut down with public transport including buses, trains and aeroplanes being cancelled for days, universities closing and a severe shortage of milk and bread in supermarkets.

I had booked tickets for Dan and I to go to the zoo but it too had to close because of Snowmageddon. It was a little upsetting as I had been looking forward to it but walking around the enclosures in temperatures that feel like -7C cannot be particularly fun. Instead, we spend the day having a marathon of TV shows and films but were desperate to get out for a bit s we had both been snowed in all week.

We decided to go out for dinner because that way there was hot food as a reward for making the trek in the below freezing temperatures. I had walked past ‘Taste of Italy’ a couple of times when going to the Omni Centre and loved the diner look inside. We looked at the menu online to help us choose where to go but it was the price of the food that made it stand out from other possible restaurants.

We were seated on bar stools at a table next to the window which gave us a view of the roundabout between Leith Walk and London Road. The menu had a wide selection of pasta and pizzas, as one might expect from an Italian restaurant, but there are also many burgers, paninis and salads to choose from.

I chose to ‘make my own pizza,’ with the toppings of chicken and bacon as it already came with mozzarella and tomato sauce whilst Dan had a Hawaiian pizza (bring up your pineapple on pizza argument with him, not me). I wasn’t really in the mood for any sides because I like to save room for dessert, especially when I’m eyeing up the cabinet of Italian pastries, but Dan convinced me to share chips with him.

I’ll give him credit, he was right to do so.

The chips arrived first so I started snacking as I waited for my pizza but I continuously kept taking another handful. Kettle crisps are potentially my favourite type of crisps and these chips are their partner in crime, true beauty.

It took some resistance to stop eating them so I could eat my pizza but I ended up devouring that anyway, all the food was delicious. 14″ pizzas are less than a tenner and I only managed a 10″. I couldn’t bring myself to have anything for dessert as I would have popped the button on my jeans and waddled home with a belly twice the size of my usual.

Another thing I liked about Taste of Italy is that they were hiring. The restaurant overall had a really cool atmosphere because of the diner theme and the old school songs playing through the speakers. The staff were really helpful when I asked about their available jobs and I’m handing in my CV today, which I really hope goes well, I’d love to work there.

I hope to go for lunch there soon to have a panini and pastry for a lighter meal, my mouth was watering just looking at the food on display. I would also like to try many more pizzas, pasta and to eat my weight in garlic bread and chips, like the healthy student I always am.

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