Imagine Dragons

My goodness, they know how to put on a show.

On Sunday the 4th of March myself, Dan, his friend Nick and Nick’s girlfriend Alex went to see Imagine Dragons play the SSE Hydro in Glasgow. It was Dan and Nick’s second time seeing them in concert whilst it was Alex and I’s first.

For those of you who have never been to the Hydro, let me paint a picture. It looks like a UFO landed on the banks of the Clyde and decided to stay there. This image is also enhanced by the exterior walls that change colour, much like something you may see in a sci-fi film.

It’s also bloody huge.

The only other time I have been to the Hydro was to see the gymnastics as part of the Commonwealth games, almost four years ago so I had forgotten the sheer size of the place. I’m a small gal but standing in the middle really made me feel tiny and borderline terrified. I’m seriously not a people person, especially when there are that many standing around me.

The support act was a woman that went by the name of K-Flay. I couldn’t understand a word she was saying which overall led to me not really enjoying her performance. I have looked her up on since the concert and was impressed to see that she was nominated for ‘Best Rock Song’ at the 60th Grammy Awards. She did lose out to the Foo Fighters but to be nominated shows just how much of a success she is.

The Imagine Dragons made quite an entrance when they appeared on stage. They spoke briefly about their tour so far but were soon straight into their first song.

I have a confession to make, I was one of those people that were there but wasn’t a huge fan of Imagine Dragons.I only knew about four songs so I couldn’t really sing along to many until they were nearing the end and I had picked up on some of the words. I felt really bad for being there since I wasn’t an avid fan especially since my brother is. I did want to buy him some merch but we all know how horrendous gig merchandise can be and I’m a student. That meant that I did end up filming a lot of it to send to him (yes, I was one of those people) but it was me trying to feel less guilty about being there when he couldn’t.

Standing in front of our group was a rather tall couple so I couldn’t see much of the show which was a bit of a shame but thankfully everything was filmed live and put onto big screens so I spent half my time with a crooked neck. My one beef with the couple was that they spent a significant amount of time making out. As someone who just about came up to their chins in height, anytime I tried to see any of the band my eyes were met with snogging mouths instead which is not particularly pleasant for anyone.

Around halfway through the concert Imagine Dragons switched to a different stage so instead of being at the front of the room they were more off centre, closer to the seating. I had no idea that the members of the band played other instruments such as the violin and cello. I screamed as loud as I could when it came to introducing the latter. They played a more intimate and relaxed set for a while until it came to 500 miles. Since I live in Scotland it is not uncommon for bands to play the classic song whenever they are visiting for a show. This was by far the biggest scale I have ever heard it played and I ashamed to say, the song that I knew the most words to besides Radioactive. It is always a phenomenal experience, to say the least, thousands of people singing and stamping their feet to the song you’ve heard at every disco since you were five? It’s amazing.

One thing I loved about the concert was when Dan Reynolds, the lead singer, spoke about his life and his battle with mental health issues. Hearing others opening about their struggles is such a great thing. I believe it helps everyone feel less alone in their situation and creates a better understanding and more comfortable environment for everybody.

The rest of the concert was just as amazing but this time my view was improved as there was no longer a couple making out in front of my eyes, just a shoulder. A big buff guy was standing in front of me and despite the limited space thought dance moves, that crushed me in the process, were a great idea.

As a music student, I love an old-fashioned concert where it is just you and the music, though the masses of confetti and giant balloons were great fun. Alex and I were frantically collecting bits of confetti and stuffing it our pockets but by the end of the night, they were just crushed into a ball. We were both a bit heartbroken when the giant balloon that landed directly in front of us was immediately popped by someone else, especially as we never got another chance to hit one.

There was, of course, an encore after the audience chanted, “one more tune,” for five minutes; this is when they played Radioactive to round off the show. It was a spectacular end to their concert which really doesn’t surprise me considering how the song blew up when it was released.

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