A Post-Holiday Perspective

Does anyone else feel refreshed after a holiday? Even though I came back from Paris rather exhausted, I was mainly really motivated to make more progress into becoming the person I wanted to be. It’s a dream of mine to live in Paris as a classy, sophisticated woman but I know I’m not going to get there by giving up so easily on myself when something sets me back.

Whilst I was away, I was in my element. I knew what I wanted to wear and what I wanted to do for that week and I felt better for it. Granted, it was on a smaller scale and is nothing compared to feeling that way for my entire life but I want to apply that same attitude to my every day no matter where I am. In order to become the charming Parisian that I imagine myself as I must work hard on improving myself inside and out, not to mention I need to learn a new language.

Living my best life

Since I’ve been back in Aberdeen I’ve started thinking about where I really want my blog to go. Ideally, I would love for a blogger/influencer career path to be available to me whether it be a full-time job or just something I do in my spare time with a small income. Therefore, this week I have been thinking of ways to improve my blog and to produce the best content I can in order to grow my audience. I think it’s working because my blog posts about Planning a Week in Paris and 50 Things To Do in Paris have been some of my most popular posts to date. I’m so happy with the outcome of my hard work and it inspires me to keep going as I know that I can get something out of it.

I did stop going out running a few weeks ago because the weather was awful and as usual, I was lazy and didn’t have the energy to leave my house. This week I have started going out again in order to reach my 5K goal by the end of the year. My legs are a little jellyish afterwards because I am out of practice as well as unfit but I’m hoping that muscle will build up over time. I have also decided to get a gym membership when I start my second year at the University of Edinburgh. I have a bad habit of scrolling through super hot girls’ Instagram feeds and wish I had a figure like theirs. This is mainly what lead to my decision of getting a membership as I can properly try to get a body I am happier with.

I know that I spend a lot of time wishing I could change things about myself so that I could be a happier person. It’s not that I don’t like myself but that I see so much room for improvement. I’m working on self-love a little at a time so I don’t end up constantly hating my wide thighs and stomach rolls but I know that it will take me quite a while before I am truly happy with who I am.

My diet really needs to change for a healthier me. There’s a high chance that I will wait until I am back in Edinburgh when I can start budgeting a meal planning again but honestly the sooner the better. The main reason for this is not for a better figure but so that I can help reduce my IBS symptoms. Of course, I’ll have cheat days but reducing the amount of time I have stomach pains might help me get out of bed more.

What I would love to happen within the next month or two is for my skin to clear up. In a perfect world, my spots would disappear by this weekend in time for the party I”m going to but I’m not delusional and know it won’t happen. For the past few months, my skin was looking reasonably good, only a tad oily which was a complete change for someone who has had spots on their chin consistently for about two years but as fate would have it, the day Dan and I flew to Paris, my chin broke out again.

I have started getting back into a skincare routine but this is probably the third time I have tried to do so this year and it hasn’t stuck around for more than a month at a time. Theoretically, by getting back into a regular exercise routine and eating healthier will all contribute to fewer spot breakouts or ideally stop them once and for all. I’m a bit miffed that I didn’t get my mum’s genes of smooth, clear skin with lots of freckles so whilst she looks radiant I still look like a spotty 12-year-old when I’m actually 18 and soon to start at my second year of university. If anyone has any skincare product recommendations please reach out in the comments or on social media, I’m lowkey desperate.

I’ve mentioned before that I like setting goals for myself as it gives me a target to work towards. Certainly, one of my main goals this year is to pass my ABRSM grade 8 cello exam, ideally with a merit but I’m not holding out much hope. I’ve been putting off sitting it for a while because of starting university but I now I feel like it’s been too long since I sat a cello exam. Not to mention that I feel like a complete noob being in the music department every day with so many talented people around me whilst I still struggle with scales and arpeggios. I’m rather terrified of sitting it in case I fail and therefore have to pay another £92 to have a second attempt at it. I have to try and put off the pressure of getting it over and done with as soon as possible so I don’t rush into it and risk failing.

I said before that I was putting more effort into my Instagram account and that I was happy with how it looked. It didn’t last for very long because it didn’t end up looking particularly cohesive like I had pictured. Again, I chose Paris to start afresh and not settle for something that seemed to look okay but instead to properly try for a theme. It wasn’t that hard to do thanks to the lovely weather and city so now I am very proud of how it appears. I hope I can keep it up with photos that are from Scotland but if this heatwave keeps up, I’m sure I’ll be able to manage.

I’m hoping that from these paragraphs you’ll see that I am looking to the future with more optimism and a clearer vision of what I actually want to achieve. I’m going to aim for more Progress Updates that have this happier tone compared to my last one which I wrote whilst feeling rather badly about myself. Obviously, I’m going to have a few more setbacks as I work towards becoming a better me but I”m going to work harder to not let them affect me as much as they usually do but I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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