My Clinique Consultation

I’ve had some questionable experiences in the past with make-up, so I’ve never really gotten into it except for the occasional bit of concealer to cover up my spots. Therefore when I was invited to the Clinique counter at Jenners for a personal skincare consultation, I was a little hesitant at first but I thought it was about time to try again and to leave the past behind.
I’m so grateful that I was invited because it changed my whole perspective on makeup for me and opened my eyes a bit more.

I met Missy last month for my consultation and she kindly gave me an introduction to Clinique products as I was very new to it all. I was really interested to hear about how Clinique tests its new products on hundreds of people and if one of them has an allergic reaction, it doesn’t go to sale until they get the perfect formula. They really are a great makeup brand for someone such as myself who is new to it all as their products are hypoallergenic and well trusted.

We started off by talking about my general skincare habits and I was a little ashamed to admit that I don’t have a skincare routine, despite my New Years’ Resolution to change that. We discussed the type of skin that I had and if I had regular breakouts and then used the information to pick out the perfect Clinique iD moisturizer for me. Before my consultation, I thought that I had fairly oily skin but turns out I have the opposite problem and my skin is quite dry. I’m glad that I was able to discover this sooner rather than later as I can now fulfil my new years’ resolution and adopt a skincare routine that is more suited to my skin. Clinique iD is a new moisturizer that is tailored to each individual to help them achieve perfect, smooth skin. My Clinique iD was focused on rehydrating my skin and by testing it out on my hand before putting it on my face, I could feel how lightweight the moisturizer was. There are many different possible formulas that will help resolve different types of skin problems.

These cards help identify your main skin problems

As a beauty newbie, Missy and I decided on a natural makeup look for me so it wouldn’t be such a drastic change and would compliment my general aesthetic. My mum has encouraged me to do something like this for a while and when I sent her a photo of the result, she was thrilled.

Missy started with the “Take the Day Off” cleansing milk, followed by the custom Clinique iD moisturizer that we had just formulated for my skin. After some primer, she applied the “Beyond Perfecting” foundation and concealer. The foundation was probably the main product that changed my perspective on makeup because it felt so different from how I would have expected. It was very light on my skin, almost as if it wasn’t there at all. I was still too pale for Clinique’s lightest shade but Missy taught me a way to blend it properly so I didn’t look strangely more tanned than usual.

The range of products that Missy used for my look

My lips are rather red naturally so Missy suggested a nude lipstick ‘Beige Pop’ because a bolder colour is unnecessary for me. Mascara was what I was worried about most after a makeup trial I had a couple of years ago that resulted in me looking like I had spiders crawling out my eyes. This time around it was so much better as it helped emphasise the blueness of my eyes against my pale colouring.

I loved the finished makeup look on me. The Clinique experience really gave me a fresh look at makeup and how I can use it to highlight some of my better features. It’s definitely something I now wish to invest more time and research in so there may be more blog posts in the future as I attempt to navigate some new looks.

The finished result

I’d love to say a huge thank you to Missy at the Clinique counter in Jenners for having me and would highly recommend a visit. You can book your own skincare consultation by calling them or sending a DM on Instagram. It’s such an informative session and I definitely understand my skin better as a result.

Jenners’ Clinique Counter Instagram – @cliniquejennersedinburgh

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