My Bijou Brigitte Haul

Bijou Brigitte is the perfect shop that I discovered whilst interrailing. It’s all about accessories from bags and bracelets to sunglasses and ear studs. I was in Budapest when I first found a store and made some purchases but I bought from them in Vienna and Berlin too. As it’s a shop that’s not readily available to me in the UK, I did go a little overboard on holiday which is why I’m writing this Bijou Brigitte Haul. I would also like to do a few more ‘style’ based posts on my blog and I think this is a great way to start whilst acknowledging that I have a serious spending problem.

When I was little, I spent so much of my pocket money in shops like Claire’s. It started with my hairband obsession, then it was necklaces, friendship bracelets and then when I finally got my ears pierced aged 14, it was earrings. As I got older, Claire’s didn’t really fit my style anymore. I was no longer invested in rainbow accessories and wanted earrings that were still quirky but more sophisticated. Bijou Brigitte has now filled the accessory shaped hole in my heart. I wish there was a store in Edinburgh but I guess I’ll have to make more trips to mainland Europe to keep my jewellery collection up to date.

This haul definitely revolves around my current obsessions of earrings and hair clips. Since starting university I’ve had five new piercings and I plan on getting more as soon as I can. My jewellery colour has been gold ever since I first got my ears pierced as I feel like it matches my hair colour better than silver. That being said, I do wear silver jewellery but this fact isn’t reflected in the upcoming blog post.

Sterling Silver/Gold Plated Leaf Branch Earrings

I’ve always had a bit of a concern that earrings containing nickel could affect my ears because I know that my mum has a bit of an allergy. I personally don’t think I have a nickel allergy but to be safe I always take out jewellery that aren’t silver/gold/titanium overnight just in case. Bijou Brigitte had a really wide selection of 925 silver earrings though there weren’t as many gold plated options but that didn’t matter to me because I found this dreamy pair.

I’m definitely a plant mama and it’s slowly becoming a defining personality trait of mine. It’s reflected all across my room (as you’ll see in an upcoming blog post) and now it’s beginning to creep into my wardrobe too. These branch earrings are so perfectly minimal and I love them. They match with so many of my other earrings and I like to mix them around a lot.

Leaf Branch Earrings and their Butterflies

Nautical Earring Set

As you may have gathered from the title of my blog, I’m rather attached to my name but I love my surname in particular. It’s definitely a part of who I am and if I were to get married there’s a very high chance I would keep it instead of changing it to my husband’s. Due to the rather obvious origin of my surname I get rather excited with nautical themed things, anchors in particular.

I love having a cohesive look to my jewellery every day because it feels like I have my life together, like the feeling you get when you’re wearing matching underwear. Buying sets of earrings instead of individual pairs is a great way to do this and means I don’t have to think much when choosing my earrings in the morning. I feel like when I’m wearing this set, I’m very ‘on brand,’ and because they’re cute and casual and I believe they represent my personal style.

One of Each Nautical Earring Pair

Jewelled Bug Earrings

These earrings divided my friendship group because I loved them and nobody else did. As I’ve gotten older and my sense of style has developed, it has generally become a little more sophisticated despite the fact that I still love to wear sequins. However, I like to think that it can still be a bit quirky, mainly due to some of my accessory choices but also by oversized, slightly ugly (but in the best way) vintage shirts.

I was mainly attracted to these earrings because they are, of course, dazzling. I love introducing sparkle into day-to-day outfits as I don’t believe we can only be glittery for special occasions and these earrings help me achieve this in an almost subtle manner. I get that it’s a little strange to want to have bugs on my ears but they’re unique and catch the light in such a pretty way.

3D Wire Flower Earrings

Most of my stud earrings are rather basic when it comes to shape as they are fairly flat. This is great for an average day but I picked up these earrings because I was drawn to the dimension that they had. They are still fairly small so they don’t get in the way like some larger dangly earrings can do but I like to think they’re a bit of a statement.

I like how they are minimalist with the wire outline as it works really well with the size of them. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a general flower shape but they remind me of poppies which is one of my favourite flowers. I generally just pair them with my regular plain gold studs because I want them to be the centre of attention.

Pair of Leaf Hair Clips

Since my hair was cut to a bob it has become increasingly difficult to tie my hair back in any sort of ponytail so I was looking for ways to get my hair out of my face. It can be especially annoying at work when my hair continually falls in front of my eyes as I try to cut enormous slices of cake. Regular kirby grips are boring and I was super excited to find this pair of clips at Bijou Brigitte.

They’re rather large as you can see which means I can use these two clips instead of ten kirby grips. Their size also mean they’re a lot harder to lose. I still stick the gold trend and when my hair is pinned back it shows off my wonderful earring selection of that day.

Leaf Branch Hair Clip

This is a different style of hair grip to the previous ones. I first had a hair grip like this when I was a flower girl at my uncle and auntie’s wedding. I’m honestly tempted to wear my hair like I did that day but I don’t think I’ll get away with a tiara at work. Because of the clasp on this clip it’s great for a half-up/half-down hairstyle.

My favourite things about this accessory besides the fact that it’s gold and based off plants is the slightly rustic look to it. It’s not a super shiny gold like the other clips that I bought so it’s more subtle but still super cute. The slightly hammered texture is also a great contrast to my hair which is usually extremely straight and adds to the minimal, rustic vibe.

I have a somewhat extensive jewellery collection at the moment and it just keeps growing. I’m becoming more and more comfortable in my style every day as I feel like it’s a better reflection of personality. I’d love to keep writing posts like these that show you snippets of my wardrobe even though I know I’m not a fashion blogger but just as someone who likes to share parts of herself.

Becca x

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