My Favourite Places to Plant Shop in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is such a wonderful place to shop for plants. There are so many independent shops across the city that sell hundreds of plants, pots and accessories. As a self-declared plant mama whose bedroom is turning into a jungle, my spending habits are somewhat encouraged by the abundance of leaves and flowers just waiting to be taken home. In my eyes, plants can turn a house into a home, therefore the more leafy babies that are around, the merrier.

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This post is definitely orientated towards shopping for indoor plants as opposed to outdoor ones or specialist florists. I’m more than happy to write another blog post on them in the future, if it’s something that people would be interested in, but I felt like I should have a disclosure in case that’s what you came to this post looking for. Over the past couple of years, I’ve become a lot better at caring for my plants so whilst I may not be the most qualified person to write this post, as a greenery enthusiast, I wanted to share these joyous places.


Location: Marchmont

My Favourite Places to Plant Shop in Edinburgh: Dahlia

Dahlia is absolute dream to walk into because the space is so lovely and bright. It’s as if someone took one of my Pinterest boards and made it into a reality. I find Dahlia really satisfying to look at because of their wonderful displays of plants on ladders and glass tables as well as on many, many shelves. They also have organised their pots and candle sticks in tidy, colour co-ordinated rows.

My Favourite Places to Plant Shop in Edinburgh: Dahlia

It was in Dahlia that I fell in love with prayer plants and I’m ecstatic about the fact that I now own one as I was fascinated by the purple underside of the leaves. A few of my other Dahlia favourites include Monkey Monsteras and String of Hearts which I will definitely be purchasing as soon as I figure out where I can feasibly fit them in my room. As well as a delightful array of plants, they sell some divine smelling candles that I’m obsessed with. They have really natural scents that are quite outdoorsy which have always been my favourites as opposed to candles that smell like clean laundry. There’s also a selection of cute tees hanging up that have really struck my fancy so I might just go all out and buy one of those too.

On the couple of occasions that I’ve been in, the staff (who are really nice) have been hanging out with some of the cutest dogs. Whilst it’s not necessarily a priority when it comes to plant shopping, I am saying that it definitely makes me more inclined to revisit knowing that there could be a pooch just lounging around.

My Favourite Places to Plant Shop in Edinburgh: Dahlia

Dahlia Instagram: @dahliathestore

Century General Store

Location: Abbeyhill

My interior aesthetic is a little bit rustic and a little bit industrial mixed with plenty of plants and botanical prints. If Century General Store had perhaps thrown in a little more copper accents I would have moved my mattress and myself in to live there because it was so gorgeous. As well as being a wee shop, Century General Store also serves food and drink which makes it a great place to get a cup of coffee too.

Whilst their plant selection may not be as large as some of the other shops on this list, it’s still a great place to check out, especially if you live in the East of Edinburgh. As well as plants, Century General Store also sell knick-knicks like glasses, mugs and cards. It’s a bit of an ‘everything’ shop but I love looking at thee leafy displays they have whilst enjoying a slice of cake.

My Favourite Places to Plant Shop in Edinburgh: Century General Store

Century General Store Instgram: @centurygeneralstore

University Plant Sales

Location: The University of Edinburgh

As it’s Fresher’s Week again, the University of Edinburgh will be hosting plant sales on campus for their students but as far as I know, they’re open to anyone. Napier, Heriot Watt and QMU might be doing the same but I have absolutely no idea. There’s usually a large selection and all for really good prices. I bought my darling Monstera, Frank, in September last year for about a tenner and he has grown so much in the time since.

My Favourite Places to Plant Shop in Edinburgh: Plant Sales at the University

They have a lot of classic and popular plants for sale such as cacti (some with googly eyes or sombreros), succulents, bonsai trees and bamboo. What is a particularly nice surprise is they also sell plants for chilli peppers and citrus trees. As these plants sales are so accessible to people, they can be incredibly popular so prepare yourselves to queue for 15 minutes just to pay. I know so many people who have bought a plant at a university sale, proving how appealing the sales can be to everyone and not just those who are plant-obsessed like myself.

Whilst they’re not a permanent fixture in Edinburgh, they can be an absolute gem as there is always such a wide selection. They pop up a couple of times a year so make sure to keep your eyes peeled as you can get some gorgeous house plants for an absolute bargain. I’ll no doubt have a wee neb this week too as the living room of my flat could use a little more green in it.

My Favourite Places to Plant Shop in Edinburgh: Plant Sales at the University

Grow Urban.

Location: Fountainbridge

My Favourite Places to Plant Shop in Edinburgh: Grow Urban

Having opened within the last six months, Grow Urban is still the new kid on the block. It combines my two loves of coffee and plants to create the most beautiful urban jungle space in Fountainbridge. Not only do they have a gorgeous plant selection but they are also great for all the extra bits and bobs with many bags of different soils, plant food and gardening tools.

I’m a huge fan of Grow Urban’s Instagram as they are constantly sharing their new plants, many of which are enormous. The greenery look on it is to die for and I definitely have social media envy but with their space being so aesthetically pleasing, it’s hardly a huge surprise their Instagram is too. It’s the neon sign in particular that I love and if I could, I would definitely have one extremely similar in my room for decoration.

My Favourite Places to Plant Shop in Edinburgh: Grow Urban

The potting shed side of the store deals with the more practical side of having plant. I showed up twice in a week to buy a big bag of soil for my cheese plant because he’s grown so much since I bought him. Though it’s also where they also sell gardening tools like trowels and forks, watering cans and plant food. It actually does feel a bit like a shed but in a nice way as there aren’t cobwebs everywhere. The staff at Grow Urban are also super lovely, when I came back for more soil they remembered me and were kind to ask about Frank and the blog post that I’m writing on plant shopping. (Have I now come full circle?)

My Favourite Places to Plant Shop in Edinburgh: Grow Urban

Grow Urban Instagram: @growurban

Cloud 9

Location: Easter Road

My Favourite Places to Plant Shop in Edinburgh: Cloud 9

A bit like Century General Store (and funnily enough, around the corner), Cloud 9 isn’t completely plant focused. They also have a cute collection of cards and gifts such as jewellery. The last time I was in they had a gorgeous little gold spray watering can that I really want to buy so I hope they still have it.

The pots at Cloud 9 are also really unique. There are your classic two-tone or marble effect pots but they also have pots that look a bit like mannequin heads so that your plant becomes the hair. When Sarah and I were there they even had hanging pots that were decorated with cartoon cat faces on them. Whilst their selection is quite big, it’s a little busy so it’s best to take your time and have a good nosey to find what you’re looking for. I did this and took home an ivy plant that day.

My Favourite Places to Plant Shop in Edinburgh: Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Instagram: @cloud9edinburgh

Now I have a lot of plants but I am always on the hunt for more. Therefore this blog post will probably be added to as I buy more and complete the transformation of my room into a jungle. As I mentioned earlier, Monkey Monstera and String of Hearts are next on my list but beyond that I’m undecided. I really fancy getting some sort of tree but I feel like there’s added pressure to keep it alive when the plant is bigger or that’s what I’ve found with my Monstera anyway. You’ll always find me popping into these shops whether it’s to have a browse, make a purchase or in some cases just have some coffee surrounded by all the plants that I could possibly ever want.

Becca x

With my most recent addition, my Prayer Plant

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