The Music Keeping me Sane During Lockdown

When looking for something to do during lockdown, besides actually focusing on my uni deadlines, I decided to tackle something that had been bothering me for a while: My Spotify account. For months it was littered with cluttered playlists and albums that I had never listened to and meant that I skipped half the songs that played. As I’ve been listening to music more than ever, I figured a digital clear out would do me good and could highlight the songs that I love to listen to. Every song has a playlist and every playlist has a cover. I found old songs that I used to obsess over and then forgot about as well as new jams to either work or relax to.

We could all use some new music in a time like this, one of the reasons that I’m sharing my current favourites with you. A lot of great stuff has been released over the past few months and it’s the first time in a long time I can remember counting down to new albums or singles. And as a music student, you know you can trust my taste.

Please also appreciate the fact that I’ve embedded playlists, I feel very proud.


The Parisian Lifestyle

This playlist is my favourite that I’ve ever made. I base my playlists off a specific mood and this one is a very specific example. Imagine yourself walking along the Seine on a sunny day with a baguette under your arm – that’s what this playlist is to me. It’s a mixture of pop and jazz styles which makes it my perfect getaway playlist. I listen to it literally every day and imagine I’m still going on holiday and not shut in my flat.

Mellow Yellow

I love studying to Mellow Yellow because I don’t get too distracted by an overwhelming urge to dance, just the tendency to sway in my chair. As the name would suggest, the vibe of this playlist is really relaxed and devoid of anything super upbeat. It’s great to chill out to and has certainly encouraged me to take the odd nap. This playlist is also home to my favourite cover as the yellow beetle matches the title perfectly!

On the Road Again

This is the playlist that makes me crave a road trip which I’ll admit it’s an odd choice considering I’m stuck inside for the foreseeable future. But as you can gather from my other playlists, I like listening to music that takes me to another place. Whilst listening to On the Road Again I can think about how far I’m going to travel after lockdown is over. There’s also a lot of acoustic guitar on this playlist so if you’re into that kinda thing, look no further.


Calm – 5 Seconds of Summer

I’ve been a fan of 5SOS since I was 14 and I’m not ashamed of the fact that I still listen to them. I was very excited for their new album, Calm, to be released on the 27th of March and I already know most of the words by heart. The album has so many bops such as Old Me or Easier, as you may remember from my blog post on my Spotify Unwrapped of 2019. If you’re going to judge me I would implore you to listen to the album before doing so.

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Fine Line – Harry Styles

What. A. Man. I think half the population went nuts when Fine Line was released last December. Some have calmed down, other like myself have not. If you haven’t heard it yet, are you living under a rock?

Automatic – Don Broco

This is an example of an album that I’ve rediscovered since being in lockdown. Each song is a lot of fun to dance and sing along to and as a result, I’ve put on some standout performances in my bedroom recently. My plants have been very appreciative. Don Broco are one of my feel-good bands that put me in a much better mood whenever I listen to their songs, particularly those on Automatic.

Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones – Black Veil Brides

I listened to this album for the first time in over a year last week and oh boy did it take me back. It’s incredible from start to finish and I cannot believe I went this long without listening to In the End on repeat like I did when was aged 13-16. I adore concept albums and Wretched and Divine was always one of my favourites. The longer we’re in lockdown, the deeper I slip back into my emo phase so be prepared for me to livestream the return of my side fringe on Instagram.


Summertime in Paris – Jaden and WILLOW

This song represents how I want my Summer to be though I don’t specifically mean in Paris, as dreamy as that would be. If I had any skills in videography where I could create a video that documented how I spent my Summer before uni started again, I hope the footage would encapsulate this song. This song does feature on, ‘The Parisian Lifestyle,’ but as my favourite song at the moment, I wanted it to have its own mention.

Wonderland – BOOTlace

As an Edinburgh-based band, BOOTlace have regular gigs that I attend. I was sorry that their upcoming gig had to be postponed until September due to the current situation but at least it’s something to look forward to. On the bright side, they just released their new single, Wonderland which is kinda groovy and kinda edgy and I’m excited to see it performed live.

Wildflower – 5 Seconds of Summer

Maybe one day I’ll stop badgering on about 5SOS but today is not that day. The video for Wildflower was released in the past few days and I like how it was filmed entirely at home. The psychedelic vibes match the song really well and it’s something that I’ve found making my days a little bit brighter.

Let Me In – NANI

Austrian-born and Edinburgh-based, NANI is another musician local to me that I get to see live somewhat frequently. Let Me In was a single I heard in concert before it was released on Spotify last month, which makes me feel pretty special. NANI made waves on the radio last year with the release of her debut E.P. ‘Roses,’ and I have no doubt she’ll do the same in 2020.

Monsters – All Time Low feat. blackbear

Did someone ask for another band that has released an album within the past few weeks?! Monsters is my favourite track off All Time Low’s “Wake Up, Sunshine.” The album feels very All Time Low which I love and you can hear how their sound has evolved over the past 10+ years.

Sudden Desire – Hayley Williams

I was really excited for Hayley Williams to release her own music as I’ve been listening to her sing for years an I was curious to see what her solo stuff could bring. I specifically love the contrast between the staccato guitar parts and held harmonies. The song feels stripped back for the most part and I think the minimalism works so well.

I hope there’s something in this blog post that takes your fancy. There are plenty more banging playlists on my Spotify – @BeccaMarriner – so feel free to follow me on there too. As a music student I am aiming to write more about my personal taste especially as I’m asked about it a lot. Prepare for more ramblings on my emo phase or 5SOS and perhaps I’ll delve into the world of orchestral music too.

Becca x

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  1. Amber Page says:

    This is a lovely post. I love finding out the sort of music other people listen to its so cool! I’ve been loving Harry Styles these past few weeks too.


    1. Thank you! Harry Styles’ music is just dreamy – definitely helping me get through these past few weeks!


  2. Jasmine says:

    Oh a lot of songs and artists here I’ve never heard of! But, I am so glad to see 5SOS on the list – I’m a big secret wain too and still love them haahah! I’m meant to be seeing them in concert next month, but with everything going on, looking unlikely :(( xx

    Jas ||

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes another 5SOS fan! I went to buy tickets to see them in Glasgow but as the situation was going south I decided against it. If they reschedule and there are still tickets being sold I’m 100% going – 14 year old me would be so jealous! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Pbtraveller says:

    Ya, I love having music around to keep me going for the day.


    1. Gotta find the right tune for motivation!


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