Finding Style Inspiration: Jewellery Brands I Love

My love for jewellery started when I was wee because every woman in my family seems to have a massive collection. I made bracelets and necklaces as a hobby when I was younger and still have an astronomical number of beads in my childhood bedroom. As I got older this love grew into an obsession and my personal jewellery collection expanded at an alarming rate but my numerous ear piercings mean that I can showcase a lot of gorgeous earrings at once. I love to follow jewellery brands on Instagram for inspiration so these are a few of my go-to’s that that help me discover and develop my personal style.

Forage and Find

I don’t even remember when I started following Forage and Find as it was so long ago. They were founded in 2011 as a mother and daughter team who specialise in vintage and handmade pieces. It was originally their pocket watch and mechanical necklaces that made me first fall in love with them so my friends bought me one for my 18th birthday. I’ve bought a few more pieces from them since, one of my favourites being my pair of sun and moon rainbow huggie earrings as they’re super cute and comfortable to wear. I was lucky enough to meet one of the faces behind the brand at the Edinburgh festival last year where I (rather embarrassingly) gushed over their jewellery stall.

Rainbow Huggies from Forage and Find; Green Huggies from Scream Pretty; Ear cuff from Orelia

Find them on Instagram: @forageandfind

Scream Pretty

Scream Pretty were a brand that I found through one of the numerous fashion bloggers that I follow. It was on their website that I discovered a wide range of huggie earrings and I knew that I had to add some to my collection. My green huggie earrings were a gift for my 20th birthday (as seen above) and now I’m eyeing up the T-Rex pair. Scream Pretty have truly nailed the quirky minimalist look in earrings that can add a little bit of fun to every outfit.

Follow them on Instagram: @screamprettystyle

By Kayla Designs

For custom, hand-made, clay earrings then look no further. I would again like to emphasis the handmade element because how often do you find a designer that will help bring your earring dreams into the real world? Even if you just have a favourite pair of trousers and would like jewellery to colour match, Kayla has got you covered. Despite being a relatively new business, By Kayla Designs have already produced gorgeous pairs of earrings tailored to each customer which you can see on Instagram. My earrings were designed by my friend who knows me so well down to my preferred accent metal colour and they make a beautiful addition to my earring collection. You might even get a sweetie in your package after ordering but you didn’t hear that from me.

Follow her on Instagram: @by_kayladesigns

Laura Bond

As I got more ear piercings I became more interested in the idea of a curated ear which typically features a minimalist collection of earrings that look rather dainty. Laura Bond offers a huge range of jewellery for numerous different ear piercings, not just ear lobes. From their collection it is easy to create a look that incorporates daith, conch and helix piercings in a sparkly style. All their earrings are made to an incredibly high standard using solid gold and they are definitely high on my wish list. Their Instagram page is dreamy to look at, filled with ideas for stacking your jewellery.

Follow them on Instagram: @laura_bond_jewellery

Bijou Brigitte

I had no idea Bijou Brigitte existed until I went interrailing in 2019. I am hurt that they barely exist in the UK but if they did I would spend too much money in their stores. I bought quite a few bits from them including these dazzling bug earrings when I was travelling last year. Their website can easily be displayed in three different languages but unfortunately for me, none of these are English. Until I can get back to their shops, I obsess over their Instagram which predominantly features an airy, boho look. If you’re seriously missing the beach, maybe skip their page because their photos will not help.

Check out my blog post on Bijou Brigitte: My Bijou Brigitte Haul

Follow them on Instagram: @bijoubrigitte


I’ll be the first to admit that targeted advertising works as that’s how I discovered Orelia. A picture of their ombre green ear cuff was presented to me on Instagram and I instantly fell in love. I was wearing it within the week but considering it matches my aforementioned huggie earrings so well, how could I not? Orelia’s Instagram features a lot of gold pieces, another reason that I was drawn to them in the first place as their collection matches my own style really well.

Follow them on Instagram: @oreliajewellery

I hope some of these brands have inspired you to explore your personal style a little more. I truly believe that it is worth investing in jewellery pieces that you love whether they be minimalist or more of a statement! If you want to discover your taste more I’d recommend following as many brands as possible to be introduced to a wide range of styles and then you can narrow it down from there. When it comes to purchasing I would always suggest shopping from local businesses and supporting independent designers where you can and the added personal touch makes it even more special. If you have any of your own favourite jewellery brands, let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for more to follow!

Becca x

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  1. marsybun says:

    These are such great recommendations. I love wearing earrings everyday! 😊

    🌿 Marissa Belle × 🌿

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you found some that you liked x

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