My Growing Obsession with Vintage Shirts

Oversized and sometimes slightly ugly vintage shirts are becoming an increasing part of my wardrobe and personality. I’m obsessed with clashing colours and flashy patterns on shirts and then pairing them with some jeans and sparkly Docs. As I fade fast fashion out of my life I’ve been shopping more on Depop and in vintage shops where shirts fall into my basket. My taste is sometimes more refined to classic silhouettes but each shirt needs to bop with Video Killed the Radio Star.

When I last went to London in 2017, I was dying to visit Blitz (now known as Atika), just off Brick lane as it’s a two-storey vintage department store and the largest vintage shop I’ve ever been to. One of my favourite things about the brand in their “remix” collection where they take old vintage pieces and re-work them into something new ones. I bought this green, purple and grey shirt from that collection. It’s loose and flowy which means it’s really light and breathable and the slight crop makes it perfect for Summer.

My most recent addition is this white, pleated blouse that I bought on Depop for only £15 after spending some time perusing the app. I always wanted a classic white blouse like this because I feel like it’s the perfect addition to a capsule wardrobe. As I’m now in my twenties, I feel like it adds some sophistication amongst my slogan tees especially with these gorgeous pearl buttons.

I bought this shirt in a shop called Episode in Amsterdam. The Dutch capital is an amazing place to go vintage shopping so it was only natural that I added another shirt to my wardrobe. I loved the combination of colours on this shirt which is why I picked it out in the first place but it was the buttons that really sold it to me. They’re black and gold that complement the pattern really well and add to the “vintage” look.

I purchased this little number at a vintage sale during my first Freshers’ Week at uni from a brand called Blousey Vintage. Since then it has accompanied me to job interviews as well as lectures as I feel like it’s great for the “dress up or down,” approach. With a common colour palette, this blouse is less bold than some of the other vintage shirts that I own. But the colour blocks still make it a statement item to any outfit.

As with many of my other blog posts, I will probably add to it in a few months time as I stumble across another shirt in an obscure pattern that I must add to my wardrobe. I love how an increasing percentage of my clothes are vintage/secondhand and it’s likely I’ll do another post on other items I have, such as my vintage denim jackets. Everytime I write a fashion-y based post I mention how I want to write more and I am slowly getting better at using my tripod to photograph my own outfits. But with these shirts constantly featuring on my Instagram feed (usually along with Frank), it’s about time I went shopping again.

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