Coffee in Edinburgh: Oqo

I am a huge fan of studying in coffee shops. I prefer it to trying to work in my bedroom because there is less to distract me, not to mention the fact that I can’t make decent coffee at home. I’ve made a list of all the coffees shops/cafes in Edinburgh I want to visit (there’s over 40 places on it) but I keep coming back to the same one instead. I’m slowly making Oqo my second home in Edinburgh as I visit more and more frequently ever since I walked through its doors for the first time less than a month ago.

Oqo on Haddington Place is my absolute favourite coffee shop in Edinburgh. The interior, gold accents, delicious cakes and the chance of a dog walking in make me love it so much. Revising is always made better when there is a dog nearby so the fact that it is a dog-friendly cafe is the best bonus I could ask for. Apart from the dogs, there’s no excuse for not studying. The wifi is so good and hasn’t cut out once which is great for accessing my university resources online.

Oqo is basically my ‘Dream Home’ Pinterest board come to life as it’s how I picture my living room in twenty years time. I’m an advocate for dark walls and statement chairs as well as being a little obsessed with gold accents. Walking in, you are greeted with velvet sofas, pendant lights and a marble fireplace. Even the bathroom taps and drains are gold and there are plants everywhere, even on the ceiling. It creates the perfect relaxed vibe that I adore in coffee shops as well as being perfect for Instagram pictures.

My usual at any coffee shop is a cappuccino and the ones at Oqo are amazing, albeit a little stronger than I’m used to. Two sugars for me, if you please. They certainly give me the caffeine boost that I need for doing uni work or writing blog posts. On my first visit I had a coconut hot chocolate which was divine and something I’ll definitely be having more of in the future. I’ve also tried their huge chocolate cake known as the ‘big boy,’ because it really is that enormous.

It’s also a very friendly place where you chat to the baristas and sometimes other customers. Sarah and I were visiting and had a conversation with two older ladies who had overheard us talking about higher music. We then felt rather pleased with ourselves that we look like approachable young adults. It seems like a popular place for all generations with people of all ages visiting throughout the day.

I know I sound like a major fangirl over Oqo and honestly, I’m rather proud of it. I take so many pictures every time I pop in. I will write a blog post dedicated to all of my favourite coffee shops for studying in Edinburgh but as Oqo is special, I felt like it deserved it’s own.

Oqo’s Instagram – @oqo_cafe
Oqo’s Facebook page – OqoCafe

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  1. Coffee shops always go well with reading and / or writing……in my experience anyhow. Glad you found an amazing coffee shop. I’m still looking…..I’ve found plenty of good ones, but the continued search is a lot of fun.


    1. I totally agree about coffee shops going well with reading and writing. I’m so happy to have found Oqo but I’m always on the hunt for more!


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