Hello from a European Train

As I write this I’m on a train somewhere in the Czech Republic on my way from Prague to Berlin (and now proof reading this in a Berlin coffee shop). There’s a small town to my left and rolling hills to my right with the sun beaming down on it all. The trains on mainland Europe really are bliss. Four hours seem to fly by and it gives me a chance to let the previous city’s memories soak in.

I’ve been planning an interrail trip since I was about fourteen and I’m slightly bewildered that I actually made it. So far my friends and I have travelled to Budapest, Vienna and Prague. We’re in Berlin for a few nights then it’s on to Hamburg and Amsterdam before we fly back to Edinburgh next Wednesday. The whole thing is so surreal because it goes by so quickly. There’s no slowing down and I’m barely having a chance to process the fact that I’m in a new country before it’s on to the next.

I really lucked out with our interrail route because I was the only one who had never visited any of the six cities before. Whilst I’m always happy to revisit places such as London or Paris, I have to admit I’m enjoying being a tourist and visiting all the main spots wherever I go.

As a city, Prague has been my favourite so far. It’s so much smaller than I thought it would be and therefore feels more like a town rather than a capital city. It reminds me of Edinburgh because so many of the popular sights are within walking distance. It’s main downside is that it’s absolutely riddled with tourists in a way that Budapest wasn’t. However I took a walk at 5am with my camera to the Charles IV bridge and was utterly enchanted. The way the empty streets were being hit with the golden sunrise, created a truly magical experience that is honestly something I’ll never forget.

Prague’s empty streets at 5am

I feel incredibly lucky to say that I’ve had dinner at the vineyards of Vienna, relaxed in the baths of Budapest and witnessed a storm at the Dancing House in Prague. I’ve ridden trams and trains, both under and over ground and walked for miles. I’ve loved it all and it’s sparked my wanderlust once again. I love exploring Edinburgh but I want to explore further afield. I’m already making plans for my first solo trip, hopefully in October this year.

In a previous blog post I said that I wanted to get a fresh start from interrailing. I’m slowly getting there but unfortunately it’s not as immediate as I had hoped. However the more I venture out in cities on my own, the better I feel. It reminds me of my independence and the idea of making myself happy for my own sake.

Interrailing is helping me gain a more realistic perspective of what I hope to achieve, especially in relation to my mental health. It’s finally sinking in that someone I fell in love with didn’t feel the same way about me and I’m no longer clinging to idea that I might be wrong about that. It sounds cringey to say but I do feel like I’m discovering more about myself as I travel more. I think less about the things that’ll happen in the long term and just worry about how to use the underground system.

I love travelling around Europe but a part of me can’t wait to go back to Edinburgh. I have so many ideas for blog posts that I want to write and a plan to get myself into a self care routine. I’m really going to push for a better me so I don’t hate myself or screw up a great relationship again.

I’ll be back to regular blog posts some point next week, many of them travel orientated so if there’s anything you’d like to see revolving around my interrail trip, lemme know in the comments. In the mean time, I’m posting so much on my Instagram so you can keep up with my travels there.

Becca xx

P.S. This is the first blog post I’ve ever written entirely on my phone so I apologise for any weirdness or grammatical errors.

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