At Home With Me: My Student Flat in Edinburgh

I know that all of us have been staying inside as much as possible recently. It can sometimes feel particularly lonely at times so I wanted to write a blog post that gets you out of your space and invites you into mine. My bedroom is where I’ve been spending excessive amounts of time and you can see why, it’s basically an indoor jungle. Perhaps you’ll feel like you’re popping over for a coffee and a natter since it’s something we can’t carry out in reality.

Mother and son

I had such a vision for moving into my Edinburgh flat. The mood board was made well in advance with help from my friend Abbie as we tried to sum up my rather specific interior aesthetic of ‘how many plants can I cram into one room?’ In the 18 months that I’ve lived here, I think I’m well on my way to achieving the indoor jungle look that I adore. I truly love my bedroom and to me, it feels like a really relaxing space for when I get home after a long day at the library or work.

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My bedroom is one of five in a HMO flat in Newington, Edinburgh – a very student-y part of the Scottish capital. It came with the bed, bedside table, bookshelf, desk, chair, lampshade and built-in wardrobe. I love the hard-wood look of the floor but it can be really cold in the morning, especially in the Winter. My window looks out onto a rather busy road in Edinburgh which doesn’t really bother me but recently there exactly hasn’t been a lot of street noise.

The main reason I chose this room in the flat was because of the little nook where my bed fits in. I knew it would be the perfect place to hang my tapestry from Urban Outfitters that my friends bought me for my 17th birthday. As one of the first things in the room you see, the plant theme is prominent from the start.

I’m so obsessed with my photo of the Brandenburg Gate that it’s framed next to my bed…

I’ve gotten into a habit of lighting a scented candle in the evening whilst I read my book before bed. This Spiced Honey and Saffron candle was a Christmas present from my secret Santa.

I don’t use all those pillows when I’m sleeping at night but they’re wonderful for a little reading/napping corner during the day.

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I don’t trust people who don’t bring a teddy bear to university. Mine is called Bertie

I really love having an open wardrobe, even though I nearly bought curtains for it when I moved in. Even though it makes my room look a bit messier due to all the sleeves hanging everywhere, I really believe that I wear more of my clothes because of it. This applies to my sunglasses too which hang on a gold wire hanger. The idea was not an original one as I pinched it from one of my favourite fashion bloggers – Lua Perez (@luanna) .

My desk is a bit like an organised chaos. It’s covered in my collection of mini monuments that I picked up when travelling, along with postcards and plants whilst still trying to find room for my stationary and laptop. I generally have a vase of fresh flowers on my desk too but I bought these ones almost a month ago which is why they look a bit droopy.

I’ve never been to Chicago…

My cello, Leonardo also has his own corner. He’s there with the majority of my postcard collection which has been updated a bit since you last saw it.

The frames on my gallery wall are a bit wonky, which I’m fully aware of, but as I put them on the wall all by myself I don’t really care, I’m just proud. I picked up my Arc de Triomphe print when I was in Paris in 2018, the hot air balloon and carriage prints are from a sale at the university and the other three are from Etsy.

I know [plant] parents aren’t supposed to have favourites but my monstera is by far my darling. His name is Frank and I got him at a plant sale at the university as you may have read in a previous blog post. Since then he’s grown into a big boi so with pot/soil included, he weighs about 15kg.

Frank sits on top of a decorative, golden box that I discovered in my Granny’s loft that was originally used as a log box in my great-grandparents house. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll often see it in the background of my outfit pictures.

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I bought my full length mirror from IKEA and had an interesting time taking it on the bus and then carrying it up three flights of stairs. I’ve put some a string of fairy lights around it as well as in my bed nook, and around my wardrobe.

If you read the blog post about how I decorated my bedroom when I was in university halls I’m hoping you can see that I now appear less like a fresher and more like a young adult. Even though it’s still very much still a student bedroom, I like how it’s more sophisticated than my previous space. The only thing I need now is more plants… Hope you’re all keeping well given the current situation.

Becca x

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  1. Dad says:

    I remember the days when you could kill a cactus. How times have changed.


    1. This is my form of adulting


  2. I loved personalising my room back when I was at uni! Yours is so lovely – I love all the plants x


    1. Thank you! I’ll be moving at some point over Summer so as far as I’m concerned, that’s just another reason to buy more plants…


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