Coffee in Edinburgh: Burr & Co

Burr and Co has established itself in my heart and has earned a place in my, “Top Five Places for Coffee in Edinburgh,” obviously a very coveted place to be. Located on George Street in central Edinburgh it’s a great place to stop for lunch or coffee when having a peruse of the shops or before heading to Waverley Station.

It’s a rather suave place for coffee as it is a part of the Principal Hotel complex along with the Printing Press restaurant. There’s a wide range of drinks, cakes and light meals including vegan/vegetarian options. Plus if you’re like me and wouldn’t say no to an afternoon drink, there is also a selection of cocktails, wines and beers.

My usual coffee order is a cappuccino but recently, I’ve liked to mix things up a bit at Burr and Co and try their vegan “wellness lattes.” I love the lavender latte with almond milk because it’s rather sweet and therefore gives me a great sugar rush to wake me up instead of espresso. They have four other flavours besides the lavender; charcoal, matcha, turmeric and beetroot. On my next visit I’ll be having the charcoal latte with a shot of espresso as a recommendation from my friend Sofia (@sofiateresa_) but I’m certainly open to trying each one.

Some particularly pale lavender lattes

Burr and Co also have a small variety of hot chocolates including the odd seasonal one. I treated myself to the Creme Egg hot chocolate earlier in the year after a successful job interview as a way to treat myself.

The food served at Burr and Co is wonderful and they have some of the the best sausage rolls I’ve ever had. Usually I just get cake when out for coffee but I have pulled a couple of stints at Burr and Co where I’ve just sat for hours and written so cake hasn’t been substantial enough. I’d love to try their Nutella and banana brioche toasties or their ice cream bowls as they sound perfect for summer.

Now being a member of such a sophisticated hotel group, the interior of Burr and Co is made up to a high level. I love me a posh loo and they do not disappoint with laundered towels to dry your hands with a sofa, in case using their facilities is too much work. The coffee shop itself has gorgeous geometric tiles, marble tables and brass looking mirrors along the walls. I’m particularly a big fan of the chalkboard menus and their illustrations.

Now the real reason that Burr and Co is my one of my favourite places in Edinburgh is because of the resident dogs. Nala and Simba are often inside brightening everyone’s day and giving out cuddles and I am always delighted to see them. However on one occasion, Nala decided to bite my hand when all I wanted was a wee hug. As many cute dogs do, they have their own Instagram profile, @mininalaandsimba

I’ll definitely be frequenting Burr and Co as I live in Edinburgh as it’s a great place to study or work on my blog. I would abooslutely love a loyalty card with them as I know I would fill it up quicker than you can say, “flat white.”

Burr and Co’s Instagram: @burrcocoffee

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