A Whistle-Stop Tour of Prague

Prague is a city that oozes charm and history, meaning it’s incredibly pretty to look at. Walking along the streets, it reminded me of Edinburgh as it feels more like a town rather than a capital city. So many of the major sights are within walking distance of each other making the city pretty easy to do in a day which was great for us because Prague was the third stop on our interrail trip and we only spent two nights there. Due to the fact that we had less than 48 hours in Prague we did have to condense the city down a bit, making it very much a whistle-stop tour but like all the other cities that we visited, I’ll return at some point to spend some more in-depth time there.


When we arrived in the evening we had a wander around Prague to get our bearings and see some of the Old Town. I was utterly delighted when we walked past an Amorino and it was still open and serving delicious ice cream. I first visited Amorino in Paris last Summer because I was specifically looking for a place where I could get ice cream in the shape of a flower. I knew that the y had locations across Europe but I didn’t expect to see one in Prague. I chose my favourites; chocolate, stracciatella and lime & basil and splashed out for a macaron on top too.

Charles IV Bridge

As the most popular tourist spot in Prague, the Charles IV Bridge is always going to be hoaching. I really wanted some pictures with as little people in it as possible which lead me to getting up at 5am to go on a walk and have Prague to myself as much as possible. Apparently it’s a very popular time for wedding photography because I saw nine different couples having their photos taken on the bridge but I can imagine that the results would have been stunning. I have to admit that Prague is always gorgeous but is particularly stunning during golden hour both in the morning and evening.

Here come the brides?

The Dancing House

Our Airbnb was directly opposite the Dancing House meaning that we had some wonderful views, especially. This was especially true for when the storms rolled into Prague because seeing the house lit up by lightning was something really amazing. It also meant that on my very early morning stroll, I didn’t have to take a detour to see another of the the main sights tourist free. I stood and watched for a bit as the trams went by in front of the gorgeous piece of architecture.

Franz Kafka – Otočná Hlava

Just your run of the mill, giant rotational statue of a head. It’s a sculpture of Franz Kafka, a novelist who was born in Prague. There was also a museum dedicated to him in the city which seemed really interesting but unfortunately due to time constraints, we never went. This statue (can I call it that even though it moves?) is really impressive and I hate to be that person but it makes for a really satisfying Instagram Boomerang.

Astronomical Clock and Old Town Square

The Astronomical Clock of Prague has a reputation of being a bit of a disappointment. I personally rather enjoyed it but that’s probably because I love the fact that it’s still going after so long. The Old Town Square was also particularly busy and got busier as the hour neared for the clock to chime. When 11am came, the clock’s chiming wasn’t overly exciting but it didn’t help that a tall man decided to stand in front of me so I couldn’t see it half the time.

The famous Astronomical Clock

Waffle Lab

I’ve wanted to try a bubblewrap waffle for such a long time so as soon as I found out where to get one in Prague I made the note to go there for breakfast. A waffle with banana, strawberries, Nutella and kinder chocolate for breakfast? I was living the dream.

Photo taken by Ursula Dallman (@ursula.janex)

Mánes Bridge

For the perfect view of the Charles IV Bridge you can’t be on it so where better to see it than from another bridge? The Mánes Bridge is also less crowded meaning it doesn’t take long to make it through crowds. Ursula and I crossed it before the uphill climb on our way to the castle.

Prague Castle

Prague’s Castle complex is enormous. Not only is there the main castle but there’s also many churches, a cathedral and gardens. There are a few different types of tickets that allow you into different areas depending on what you want. Ursula and I chose Route B as we got into the castle and cathedral as well as the Golden Street which I had briefly read about on Pinterest. As students we got in for half price so our tickets were only CZK125 (just over £4)

The St. Vitus Cathedral was my favourite as I have never seen more intricate stained glass windows. Each individual piece was so small and the colours that shone through were divine. There were also stunning bits of architecture throughout and carved statues so that everywhere you looked, there was something beautiful.

Chotkovy Gardens

I am convinced that a better view of Prague cannot possibly exist. The Chotkovy Gardens are high up on a hill, beyond the castle with benches at a somewhat secluded lookout. The gardens are also home to Santuario Della Madonna, a set of statues enclosed in a little cave. My favourite part of the whole park was the old rope swing because I am definitely a child at heart.

Church of Our Lady Victorious

Ursula and I walked down the hill and I picked up a couple of postcards on our way to see the church of Our Lady Victorious. When researching things to do in Prague, it was mentioned quite a few times and as a lover of intricate architecture, I thought the church would be up my street. Honestly, the Infant Jesus was a little creepy and I’m not entirely sure on its significance but each to their own.

John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon wall was particularly popular with school trips as there were a lot of teenagers taking group photos in front of the wall. It was nice to see the art and graffiti dedicated to John Lennon and the Beatles as I’m personally a fan. It’s really quiet at night but it’s much harder to see the art as it’s on a street that’s not very well lit.

Chimney Cake

I rounded off my time in Prague with a chimney cake (trudlo) from Krusta řemeslná pekárna, next to the Charles IV Bridge. It was nice to round off our time there the same way that we started, with an evening walk around the Old Town surrounded by many, many tourists like ourselves.Not going to lie I preferred the ones that I’ve had at the Edinburgh Christmas market as they were recently baked and therefore still warm.

I absolutely adored Prague. I’d love to go back to visit a museum or two and wander a little further out of the city centre. It would be nice to see some areas that are a little off the main tourist path and are therefore less busy but not going to lie, I would hang around to watch the Astronomical Clock chime again.

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  1. Prague is great isn’t it? It’s almost 3 years since I was there. Loved it. Did you visit Petrin Tower? It’s like a mini Eiffel tower on a hilltop overlooking the city. From the tram at the bottom of the hill you can either walk up or take the funicular railway. The views are amazing. And talking of towers did you see the massive TV tower with the statues of babies climbing up the side?


    1. Unfortunately, I didn’t visit the Petrim Tower, I just made jokes about us being in Paris instead of Prague when we saw it on the hill. I also didn’t see the baby statues climbing up the TV Tower but I did see them somewhere else, perhaps beside the Museum Kampa? I can’t quite remember where but it was late at night and honestly a bit of a scarring experience. I’m not a fan of their lack of faces…


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